First aid and medicine essentials for minor home emergencies

Your question: “Do I really need a first aid kit?” Our answer: “When do you ever not need a first aid kit?” Illness, allergies, falls, burns, bee stings – all of these common home emergencies can happen in any home at any time. That’s when you need a first aid [Read more]

Forget Tiger Mom, here comes the Scandi dad

Weekend fishing trips, cycling through forests — Scandinavian family life looks so easy. So what’s the secret? Any parent not living as a hermit for the past year will know that Chinese mothers are tigers and French children don’t throw their food. But the latest international parenting trend comes from [Read more]

Two Recycle Craft Ideas For Kids

I have two one-step recycle crafts to help you teach your kids (or yourself) how fun recycling can be! Both of these homemade toys are made out of things you can find laying around your house, and things you usually put in your trash can. Before you throw out your [Read more]