How to Assess Your Home Renovation Priorities

Buying a property that needs a bit – or a lot – of work is often the only way younger couples and families are able to secure a home in more attractive suburbs. Even in places like Sydney where the market has slumped a little, property prices are rising in [Read more]

Saddle up and mountain bike for the hills

Keep your backside over the back wheel. That’s the golden rule when you’re going down a steep hill on a mountain bike. You can then freewheel over rocks, roots and ruts that would stop the bike (but not you) dead if you were sitting on the saddle. With your centre [Read more]

Re-Evaluating Your Home Security

When the month of October nears its midway point a lot of people start looking back on the year that almost was, with this little mini-recap sparked by the realisation that the year is almost gone. Three quarters of the year are up and one of the major areas which [Read more]