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Making Your Kids’ Bedrooms Destruction-proof 0

As much as we love our kids, the one thing that most parents will be all too familiar with is the level of destruction they can cause around the home. While they may only be doing what kids do, which is enjoying themselves and playing, they often cause huge amounts [Read more]

Renovating Old Fireplaces Adds Beauty to a Room 0

Many older homes feature original open fireplaces that have perhaps been covered over during modernisation. It is notable, however, that a great number of people are choosing to uncover, restore and use them, and with good reason. A traditional fireplace is a very attractive addition to a room – especially [Read more]

Why Bath Lifts Beat Walk-In Baths 0

If you suffer from mobility problems, a warm bath is something of a double-edged sword. The hot water can soothe your body, and yet getting in and out can pose a problem. To address that problem, you’ll probably end up choosing between a walk-in bath and a bath lift. Originally [Read more]