4 Items that Can Help You Bathe When You Have Arthritis

4 Items that Can Help You Bathe When You Have Arthritis

Taking a hot bath can help soothe the discomfort associated with arthritis. At the same time, having arthritis can make taking a bath much harder. If you want to enjoy the benefits without worrying about pain or a lack of mobility, make sure you add the following four items to your bathroom.

  1. Bath Lift

A bath lift uses a motor and supports to gently lower you into and out of the bath. This saves you having to grip with your hands and put pressure on your legs, so bath lifts are ideal for those who suffer from arthritis. Unlike the traditional walk-in tub, a bath lift can be added to your current tub, so they’re much easier and cheaper to fit.

  1. Soap, Body Wash, and Shampoo Dispensers

Using regular soap can be tough when you suffer from arthritis. Exerting a strong enough grip can be tough, and the soap will move around in your hand as you wash yourself. The solution is to buy a liquid soap dispenser and have it fitted along your shower wall. You should also buy and fit a separate dispenser for body wash and shampoo. Pressing a button is a lot easier on the hands than squeezing a bottle.

  1. Washing Mitt

People who suffer from arthritis often find it painful to hold and use a washcloth. To make your life easier, use a washing mitt instead. These are essentially mittens made out of washcloth material and Velcro. Slip one onto your hand and you can suddenly wash yourself more easily.

  1. Long Handled Scrubber

A washing mitt won’t get all across your body – there are always going to be a few hard-to-reach areas. Getting to them usually means contorting yourself into various uncomfortable positions. If you have arthritis, those positions could be painful as well as uncomfortable, so pick up a special long-handled scrubber. As the name implies, they have a much longer handle than normal scrubbers. It can take a while to get used to using one, but you’ll at least be able to experiment without discomfort.