4 Things to Know Before Buying a Bespoke Rise and Recline Chair

4 Things to Know Before Buying a Bespoke Rise and Recline Chair

It pays to invest in a bespoke rise and recline chair instead of picking a generic model. But before seeing a care agent to arrange your bespoke model, there are four pieces of information you should have to hand.

  1. Height and Weight

Firstly, make sure you know your measurements. Don’t be self-conscious about it – buying bespoke should mean ending up with a rise and recline chair that perfectly suits your own unique size and shape. The right measurements are vital for finding the right model. Of course, a consultant may be able to take your height and weight themselves, but it’s much easier if you have that information to hand.

  1. Intended Use

Some people only sit in their rise and recline armchair for a few hours each evening to read or watch television, while others will spend almost the entire day seated, even taking their meals in the chair. Tell your consultant how long you expect to sit in the chair each day, plus what you’re likely to be doing. If you’ll be in it for extended periods, a dual-motor might be best. There are also certain chairs that are easier to eat in and sleep in.

  1. Medical Conditions

Most people who seek out a rise and recline chair do so because they suffer from some sort of medical condition. It’s important to bring all known conditions to the attention of your consultant before the chair is made. If you have circulatory issues, neck or back pain, or even a neurological condition, choosing the right type of rise and recline chair can help.

  1. Personal Preferences

Finally, remember to take a look at available styles and jot down some of your preferences. Going bespoke is about more than just receiving a chair that fits around your body – you also want one that fits around your style! Consider fabrics, designs, and colours before you arrive. You can always talk through preferences with your consultant to decide on the best option.

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