Best Ways to Spruce Up Your Christmas Gifts

Best Ways to Spruce Up Your Christmas Gifts

Don’t be that guy / girl. Don’t be the last minute shopper rummaging around the high shelves trying to find anything that will resemble the gift they want. Because maybe they won’t want whatever you find. Or what if you can’t find anything? Tomorrow’s Christmas oh no!

There’s more reasons not to be a last minute shopper than not finding the right gift of course, but you might be reminded of them as throngs of people push you in every direction. Last minute Christmas shopping can be a nightmare, especially if you drive.

So that’s that, don’t be a last minute shopper for your own piece of mind, and for the love of those who you’re buying gifts for. Take your time, be thoughtful; the best gifts don’t have to cost an arm and a leg – but presentation is everything.

A good presentation lets them know that extra level of thought went into it, and when they open their gifts, they’re going to feel amazing. Unless you bought them a bunch of spiders, then don’t worry too much about presentation. If you didn’t buy spiders, here’s some ideas to spruce up those gifts, from nifty ribbons to personalised knit stockings.

Ribbons don’t have to be made of ribbons

A nice ribbon always looks good, but you don’t always have to choose a traditional tie. Go for a surprise. Use some colourful string and make holes in candies for a festive touch the kids will love. Looking for something a little more natural? Maybe you’ve rented a cabin in the woods and you want your gifts to fit in with their surroundings. Simple, find a bunch of pretty leaves and tie them along baker’s vine and voilà.

The prank gift wrap

It might be a little corny, but a little fun once in a while never hurt anyone. House your smallest gifts in the biggest boxes, play Russian dolls with your boxes, or make a simple mould to really fool your recipient. Just be sure that there’s a gift they really like at the end of the prank.

Make it personal

Have a lot of gifts? Don’t want to give auntie Sally that special thing you got your wife this year to spruce up your love life? Make sure you label your gifts, but don’t be boring about it. Order some personalised gift labels, again – no last minute stuff – no paper scraps, beautiful labels you chose specifically because you knew the family would adore them. Or at least appreciate them.

The main message here is put some effort into it when you do your Christmas shopping this year. Don’t be sloppy, and don’t be a last minute shopper. You don’t have to spend a fortune either, but be sure to let them know how much they mean.