What Can You Spot at Timbersource Through Our Parkour Ad?

What Can You Spot at Timbersource Through Our Parkour Ad?

You’ve probably seen Timbersource’s cool new parkour marketing ad. If you haven’t, check it out below.

You’ll probably be concentrating more on Jacob Peregrine-Wheller’s parkour tricks than the Timbersource warehouse, but you’ll spot most of what makes their service great nonetheless.

The Reception Desk Where You Make an Order

The Timbersource parkour video was created to highlight their impressive ‘while you wait’ service, so you’ll notice it kicks off at the reception area where customers will make an order. They come in, tell staff what they want, and then sit back with a tea or coffee while the order is completed. As he flips away, the Timbersource team are already processing the order and sending it through to the main warehouse.

The Immense Supply of Timber

You’d be hard-pressed to miss the immense stacks of timber found in the Timbersource warehouse. After all, Jacob took plenty of his 14 somersaults off them. What you might not have clocked is just how many varieties of timber are present among those piles. In fact, there are 24 varieties of timber on display – it’s that diverse selection that allows Timbersource to get your order to you with lightning speed.

The Finest Equipment

Check out the Timbersource parkour video at around 00:48 – you’ll see Jacob sliding along one of the company’s pieces of top machinery. You see, timber isn’t just delivered while you wait in its raw state. Instead, each piece is cut to size and then planed according to your needs and wants. Timbersource keeps the best equipment on hand to speed up cutting without sacrificing quality.

The Ready-to-Go Fleet

Plenty of customers are happy to collect their timber from the yard, but Timbersource also deliver nationally to any part of the UK. That’s why Jacob finishes up by scaling one of the company’s many commercial vehicles. Smaller vans are available for urgent orders, and you can take advantage of next-day delivery, a service almost unheard of within the timber industry.

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