Enjoying a smaller garden

Enjoying a smaller garden

It’s no secret that the size of British homes is in decline. Between 2008 and 2013, almost 25% more families were living in flats and maisonettes, as we continue to move away from the notion of the traditional family home.

As the types of home we’re living in has shifted, so has the size of our gardens. Where gardens are present, the average size in 2013 was just 163.2m² — 5m² less than the average in 1983.

Now that our gardens are smaller, it doesn’t mean we have to enjoy them less. Rather, we just have to be smart with how we use them to maximise space. Follow our top tips to save space and make the most of your outdoor space:

Garden furniture

It goes without saying that the garden furniture you choose should reflect the size of your space. Often, a too large furniture set can overwhelm your garden, so you should always choose a suitable size for your requirements.

Garden bistro sets, available from Oldrids & Downtown, are a great option as they’re both compact and chic. In fact, they wouldn’t look out of place on a Parisian balcony. They are usually only available with two chairs, so if you regularly entertain, it may be worth looking for a larger option. Those with folding chairs are another good choice, as you can stow the chairs away when they’re not in use.


If you do live in a flat or maisonette, one of the things you can miss the most is greenery. Even if you only have a small balcony to work with, you can still add plenty of plants to your space. Make use of window boxes and hanging baskets to maximise your space and the amount of plants you can display.


Just like you’d hang a mirror to make a small space look larger, you can use them to deceive the eye in your garden too. Hang a couple of strategically placed mirrors near to your favourite plants to make your blooms — and your garden — look larger.