How to Get Olympic Fit

How to Get Olympic Fit

We all grow up watching athletes perform at the Olympics, with some going on to successful careers elsewhere, too. However, despite their career success, it’s clear the Olympics were key to the making and development of themselves. Take IBF world champion, Anthony Joshua, for example. The professional boxer earned his reputation as an amateur at the Olympics. That was also the start of many wanting to be like him, physique-wise. Now, he sits as as 18-stone monster, and one who’s in impeccable shape. He put the time in, and has proven that we can all get ourselves in Olympic shape, too. With the 2016 Olympics around the corner, why wait for your fitness inspiration when we can get started today?

You will need a fully-focused, committed plan, and possibly a team around you.

Your diet and fluids will be very important. You need to eat the right carbs and protein, and ensure you keep your body fuelled. On top of that it’s just as important to drink your water. Hydration isn’t a myth, and any top Olympic athlete drinks bottles and bottles of water on a daily basis.

Sleep is as key. That’s right, the things you don’t do impact the things you do. You will need 8-10 hours of sleep, and then your body will recover for your gruelling training.

Sometimes help is needed. A fitness coach or personal trainer can work wonders. They plan for you, motivate you, and they make your journey their own. It makes it a lot easier when there’s help.

It’s also important to vary your workouts, but focus on the thing you’d like to be best at. For example Joshua’s work was boxing focused, but it doesn’t stop him from running or swimming. That’s why he’s a top contender to win every time he’s on Betway’s sportsbook. His training ensures he is Olympic fit, and that’s stayed with him in to his professional career.

The champion explained the importance of diet, saying, “Nutrition-wise it’s very simple. I’m eating loads of spinach and broccoli, your meats like the chicken and fish and so on that’s giving you all the protein, and then rice and potatoes. I’m just knocking a load of that in me, and I’m not scheduled like “6 o’clock, 8 o’clock, 10 o’clock…” where I need to drink 2 sips of water with each bite. I’m not regimented in that sense, but I eat a lot, I eat when I’m hungry, and I try to eat clean.”

However, he also recommends we limit our distractions, discussing his virtual nightmare, concluding, “Probably social media, man! You know what it is? It’s these iPhones. You’re constantly on your phone when you should be resting. You need to feel energised for your sessions and phones get in the way. It’s not just Instagram; whenever I train through the day there’s always a backlog of messages. It affects the rest.”

So there you have it. If Olympic superstars can get in shape without being a professional, so can we. We can learn from them. It’s not about a secret fitness trick. It’s about getting rest, eating right, drinking our water and focusing on our fitness disciplines.

We’re starting today, and fi you join us, we can all smile knowing our bodies are on their way to Olympic-like physiques. 2016 Olympics, we’ll be watching, 2020 Olympics, we’re coming for you.

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