Forget Tiger Mom, here comes the Scandi dad

Weekend fishing trips, cycling through forests — Scandinavian family life looks so easy. So what’s the secret? Any parent not living as a hermit for the past year will know that Chinese mothers are tigers and French children don’t throw their food. But the latest international parenting trend comes from [Read more]

The Architectural History of Scotland

It’s interesting when a modern home design specialist like DM Design looks at the history of architecture in the UK, particularly Scotland, to see what connections there might be to the then and now of how certain styles of buildings came about. Originally posted 2017-01-24 20:14:36. Republished by Blog Post [Read more]

5 Reasons You Should Never Use a DIY Drain Camera System

Search ‘DIY drain camera’ on Google, and you’re sure to find plenty of results. Guides will let you know how to put together your own model, promising that you’ll get the same results without having to buy a specialty system. Unfortunately, this is just not true. Professionals buy professional tools [Read more]