Transform Your Garden into a Winter Wonderland

Transform Your Garden into a Winter Wonderland

Is your garden a domain of untrodden snow and plant carcasses in winters? Get creative and transform it into a whimsical winter wonderland. With a proper layout and right seasonal decorations, you and your family can enjoy winters outdoor. Garden experts Oeco Garden Rooms have been building customised havens since 2006, and are generous with their tips on developing wonderful winter gardens.

Work on a Proper Garden Set-up

The garden’s composition is something you should work on right from the start. In summers, things may not look bad, as blooming flowers beautify the space themselves. But in winters, a withered pile of vegetation sadly lying on a snowy track conveys depression and gloominess. A proper garden set-up can rejuvenate your garden’s appearance in winters. Decorated archways, painted fences, flower beds, flower bowls, hanging planters and stone pathways can add magnificence to your garden’s appearance.

Bring Some Colour by Planting Seasonal Flowers

Summer season certainly brings us a wide range of colourful flowers, but do not think you are out of options in winter. Flowers such as Hellebores, Christmas rose, Polyanthus, Cyclamen, Lavender, Orchid and Pansy look stunning vibrant popping out of the pure white snow. Planting colourful flowers is also a great way to cover up the bare spaces. To cover a wider space, opt for evergreen conifers like pine and fir trees. You can also go for a vivid plant like a holly tree, but make sure to select the male shrubs along with the female ones, because it requires male pollination to produce those colour rich berries. If you have a small garden, plant trees like Cotoneaster horizontalis or Pyracantha for a similar effect.

Evoke your Joyous Spirit with Winter Scents

As everyone likes to get cosy inside their houses during winters, you often smell the divine winter scents of baked goods, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, coffee and oranges. Bring the same warming fragrances to your garden. Scented flowers like Witch Hazel release a delicious scent of liquorice in the air. You can also plant a Honeysuckle to enchant yourself with a fresh lemon scent. Additionally, you can opt for Sarcococca shrub. It produces white flowers that can bless you with a subtle honey scent.

Embellish Your Garden with Seasonal Decorations

Winter nights are immensely cold and dark. Therefore, it is wise to lighten up your winter garden wonderland with fairy lights and lanterns to give it a magical effect. They can be left dangling on the tree branches, laid across the bush tops or suspended from outdoor structures like sheds, decking, archways and garden rooms. You can also use sparkling centerpieces, stone waterworks and garden statues to get the attention. If you’re low on budget, then flower wreaths, festive ribbons, baubles and handmade garden props will do perfectly fine.

Make your Own Fire Pit

To kill the cold and entice your kids and other family members for outdoor activities, build your own fire pit.  Go for bonfires; it would give you a chance to spend quality time with your family while toasting off some marshmallows.

Attract Birds to your Garden

Bring life to your winter garden wonderland by attracting these cute little visitors! The chanting and chirping of birds are all what a garden needs to come alive. Build beautiful bird houses, bird tables and store food like sunflower seeds and seed balls to call on various types of birds. However, the true spirit of a winter garden wonderland is aroused by the European Robin (Robin Redbreast). This bird loves munching on crushed nuts and bacon rinds, so keep some on the bird table to make sure it stops by.

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